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Machine Listing - Blister Packaging Lines

IEN 117912
Equipment Class Blister Packers
Controls PLC
Year (age) 1992
Model TLT-1540
Manufacturer Bosch

  The Bosch TLT 1540 Blister Packer. is an intermittent motion machine capable of 100mm draw length and 15mm width. Package arrangement: length to direction of travel. Bottom Foil: AL, PVC, ACLAR, PP. Thermoforming film: reel diameter max is 700mm, reel core diameter is 70mmg. Lidding material: reel diameter is 300mm; reel core diameter is 70mm. Throughput: Capacity 20-80 cycles per minute. Currently the machine is set up for 40 cycles per minute. The machine is currently set up to handle 3 different configurations with capsule/tablet: 20.5 x 36.5 mm (1 capsule/single blisters); 75 x 133mm (12 (2 rows of 6) or 14 (2 rows of 7) capsules/blister pack); 35 x 133mm (2 strips of 6 or 2 strips of 7 capsules /blister strips). Manufactured 1992.